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Attendance Information

When your child will be absent from Hartshorn School, please:

Send an email to the classroom teacher (staff list), AND to the office: AND

All messages must be received by 9:00am
We need to know where your children are by this time! Please help us by remembering to email or call (973-379-7550). 

Please always use the following FORMAT when sending messages/emails to school: 

SUBJECT LINE: Student's First AND Last name- Absent (or Dismissal Change)

BODY OF MESSAGE: (Name) will be absent today because he/she has a (sore throat/stomach ache/cold/fever/etc.)

Home Room – Mr./Ms. __

If dismissal change, description of dismissal change – details.

Bus Number - (If applicable)

All ATTENDANCE messages must include reason for absence - if a child is sick, we need to know symptoms for State reporting purposes (throat/stomach/cold/fever/etc.) or if the absence is for family/travel/appointment reasons.

Dismissal Changes

Maintain your child’s dismissal plans during the day. Only make changes in the event of an emergency.

Limit to only emergency calls or visits to the office after 2:30 (dismissal is an extremely busy time).

Thank you so much for your kind attention to this very important request.  We receive so many emails on a daily basis that in order to handle the volume of messages and execute them in a timely manner (for safety concerns), your cooperation will help immensely!