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IMPORTANT! New Traffic Student Drop Off / Pick Up Policy

September 14, 2018


Dear Parents,


            I sincerely need your help.


            The traffic during drop-off and dismissal has been an issue for many years, even prior to me becoming the principal. We made some significant improvements not only to the carline, but also to the overall safety and security of the building.

            In order to alleviate the traffic during the carline, I adjusted some staff members’ work time to allow for early drop –off.

  • 8:05-8:25 -Early Drop-off in the MPR
  • 8:25- 8:35 -General Drop-Off any authorized door


            A few years ago, we lost the traffic officer at the corner of White Oak Ridge Road and Hartshorn Drive. The traffic at this corner creates unsafe conditions. I paid a few hundred dollars of my own money to take a class, get fingerprinted, go through a background check, and register with the NJ State Police in order to become a licensed traffic (security) officer. Why? Because creating safe conditions for your children is worth it.


            Vehicles turning left into the driveway creates backup, gridlock and therefore unsafe conditions. It is impossible for me to work the carline, direct traffic in the street at the corner of White Oak Ridge Road and Hartshorn Drive, AND manage the cars entering the driveway.


            Please do your part and do not make a left turn into Hartshorn’s driveway from 8:25-8:35. Only enter Hartshorn’s driveway by making a RIGHT into the driveway. It’s only 10 minutes. If this imposes an inconvenience for you, please park on a side street and walk your child to school or take advantage of our early morning drop off option.


  1. The carline is a SINGLE LINE. Stay in line when entering the driveway. DO NOT GO AROUND OTHER VEHICLES.
  2. Pull all the way forward. This is the only entrance.
  3. Pull behind the vehicle in front of you or until you reach the “STOP” sign by the kindergarten wing. Pull out of the carline with caution.
  4. Do not stop the carline on Falmouth to let your child out.
  5. ALWAYS remain in your vehicle.
  6. All students must exit your vehicle from the passenger side.
  7. Drop off your children at one spot. Even is you have children in multiple grades, please make one drop off.
  8. All students can enter the building and proceed to their classrooms from ANY designated entrance so students can enter the school through the nearest door to their drop-off point. This is especially beneficial during inclement weather.
  9. We have staff members supervising EVERY designated entrance to assist students from 8:25-8:35. Thereafter, students should enter through the front.


Please see the notice from Millburn Police Department’s Traffic Bureau attached. Thank you.




Ken Frattini


P.S. Want to be an overachiever? Approach Hartshorn Drive from a direction other than from White Oak Ridge Road. This will alleviate traffic even more.