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Students Learn About Careers in Hospitality at Hilton Short Hills

Two new Senior Study Skills electives, The Miller Project and Cooking into Adulthood, had a career exploration tour at the Hilton Short Hills on October 22. 


The trip, organized by Transition Coordinator Roger Askins, exposed students to the inner workings of Hilton and possible jobs for both high school and college graduates. The highlight was when students prepared their own lunch with Hilton Executive Chef RIchard Kennedy.  


IMG_8656: (Students with lunch they prepared): Lindsey Scheiner, Sophie Cohen, Ryan Cannon, Luisa Torres, Diane Vargas, Aashka Shah, Lucas Marzan, and Dennis Choe


IMG_8668: Transition Coordinator Roger Askins, Teachers Christine Finckenor and Amanda Dilworth, and Hilton's  Laura Javier (Assistant Director of Human Resources )and Melody Danielpour  (HR Coordinator) pose with students after completing their "Careers in Hospitality" experience. 


Here are captions/info for other pics:

Conference room:  Hilton's Director of Human Resources, Lynn Pawlicki, welcomes Millburn students to their "Careers in Hospitality" day. 


IMG_8636: Dennis Choe learns how to cut homemade pasta from chef Richard Kennedy


IMG_8628: Chef Kennedy shows students how to prepare a pot for deglazing.